Mind your money

Aiding post-secondary students in handling financial and mental stress.

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Mind Your Money
15 students from University of Alberta Augustana Campus participated in our Mind Your Money: Tax Edition workshop.


University and high school youth are faced with various financial burdens, all of which have a significant impact on their mental wellbeing. Focusing on two of our three pillars, NextStep’s Mind Your Money workshops focus on the linkage between mental health and financial literacy.

Our workshops provide participants with tools and resources that aid in dealing with their mental health, financial stress, and how these two work in tandem. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of finance, such as budgeting, taxation, and more.

Participants will gain real world skills such as the ability to file their own taxes, and will explore the stigmas associated with mental health and mental illness in a group setting. Through peer-based discussion, participants will be able to explore and reflect on their own situations.