nextstep conference

Empowering students to take their NextStep.


By students, for students. The NextStep Conference (NSC) 2019 was designed specifically for high school and post-secondary students to provide them experiential and hands-on education that will help them transition into adulthood. The focus of the 2019 edition of the conference is to empower the youth through mental health and financial literacy sessions to provide them with employability skills.

Taking place at the University of Alberta Education Building, NSC 2019 will provide you with the knowledge to tackle adulthood head on. You’ll receive opportunities to talk to university students about the challenges they faced, the chance to work with leading individuals whose work has touched hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and a chance to learn skills that many students think they missed out on during high school.

If you’re looking to be prepared for your transition into adulthood, this is the place to start. Join us on October 5, 2019.

Tickets are $15 and include your registration fee, a catered lunch by Oodle Noodle, and access to our Involvement Fair during lunch.


Core Sessions

Morning Keynote: “I’ve Turned 18, Now What?” by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

Core Session: “Making Money Moves” by NextStep

Afternoon Keynote: “The Future of Work” by TBA

Breakout sessions

“Finding Your Passion” by TBA

“Taxes” by NextStep University of Alberta

“Jack Talk: Mental Health” by

“Dealing with Failure” by Jason Labonte

“Adulting 101: Finance Crash-course” by RBC


Our Taxes workshop, powered by Deloitte which occurred in November, 2018. Featured speaker: Zhayate Meng, Deloitte