Our Vision

A world without financially illiterate youth.


NextStep was created in April 2018 to address the issue of the lack of financial education in Alberta and Canada’s high school curriculum. The Enactus University of Alberta team identified this gap in the education system through working with current high school students and seeing where they lacked knowledge in their transition to adulthood. NextStep has the ultimate mission of empowering Canada’s youth through financial education to take the NextStep toward a brighter future. We strive to provide the high school and post-secondary students who go through our NextStep Conference and Mind Your Money programs with the ability to transition successfully into adulthood while empowering them to take the needed steps towards their own personal success.

Through our needs assessment, NextStep has developed our three core pillars: financial education, mental health, and employability. Together, these pillars guide our actions and our strategy in empowering Canadian youth towards better financial education.

Ultimately, our team has developed an experiential curriculum that is hands-on, engaging, and provides the necessary life skills for students to transition to adulthood. Through partnering with organizations such as RBC and their Future Launch platform, as well as The Co-operators, our curriculum team has developed a tried-and-tested education plan that engages youth and excites them about financial literacy.

Our team is passionate about providing youth with quality and impactful knowledge. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and help us take the NextSteps towards empowering each and every youth in Canada.


Connor Palindat
Program Manager, Founder